A comedian, Hands Across Canberra and a heritage award…

November has been an exciting month for the team at The Communication Link with an exciting and very diverse range of projects coming to fruition.

Immigration Place Australia launch

We were excited to be part of the announcement of a design ideas competition for the creation of an installation at Immigration Place Australia.  The site nestled between the National Archives of Australia and Kings Avenue, looks dull and unassuming now, but the team at Pegrum Judd and Immigration Place Australia have exciting visions for the future. Who more fitting than Australia’s favourite comedian, Vince Sorrenti, to launch the competition and new website. www.immigrationplace.com.au 

Helen, Vince Sorrenti and Adam at the Immigration Place Launch

Helen, Vince Sorrenti and Adam at the Immigration Place Launch

The launch event was great thanks to the team at the National Archives, we had good media outcomes and it was a great kick start to what will be the next phase in this special project.  Vince was a lot of fun too, and although he seemed to hit it off with Helen, he may have been a bit worried about Adam!  (Thanks Lyn for this happy snap.)



Hands Across Canberra annual lunch

Our favourite annual fundraiser, Hands Across Canberra was once again an outstanding success.  A packed house more than $120,000 in pledged donations and a further $30,000 raised from ticket sales, makes it one of the most successful lunchtime fundraisers in Canberra.  Such important causes, over $70,000 in grants was handed out to a range of charities at the lunch including Beryl Women Inc., Connections ACT, Advocacy for Inclusion and Hartley Brain Injury ACT.

The Communication Link team is very proud to have been the project managers of this event since its inception, five years ago and be a part of watching it grow from strength to strength.

Freefall Exhibition travels to Melbourne

After a successful exhibition of the winners and entries into the Freefall Experience Design Ideas Competition, it is exciting to see the exhibition travel to Melbourne to be part of the Engineers Australian 2015 Convention.  Vesna and the team at Engineers Australia Canberra Division have travelled to Melbourne for the event armed with collateral, a great video of the project, the wonderful entries and a great model of the winning design.   www.freefallexperience.com.au

The Freefall Installation winner of Engineers Australia Design Ideas Competition for the Pin Oak Forest at the National Arboretum Canberra

The Freefall Installation winner of Engineers Australia Design Ideas Competition for the Pin Oak Forest at the National Arboretum Canberra


We won an award last month!

Our Heritage Award

Our Heritage Award

We were part of an award winning team last month!  Engineers Australia’s book A Century of Canberra Engineering, authored by Keith Baker, received a National Trust 2014 Heritage Award for an Outstanding Project!

Most of the credit goes to Keith as he actually wrote the book!  We were a key part of this special project though and this is one award we are very proud of!




And all the rest….

As we count down to Christmas, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down for the team at The Communication Link.  Kerri and Helen continue the community roadshow with one last Omnibus Territory Plan Variation workshop in Dickson before the Christmas break.

We have some exciting projects underway for both ActewAGL and ACTEW Water (how pleased are we with their new name, Icon Water!) as part of these organisation’s continued commitment to community and stakeholder engagement.

Several projects are demanding our attention as we complete post-project reports and wrap up all the final details before planning the next steps!  We have some exciting plans underway in 2015 for Engineers Australia as we turn our attention to the role of engineers in WWI and host some activities to coincide with the Centenary of that war.

It has been great to have Adam spending more of his time with The Communication Link, providing website advice for clients, including working on a new website for one of Canberra’s local football teams, as well as important communications support across all our projects.