February 19, 2016

National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions Targeted Consultations

Project Outline

The Communication Link was engaged by the Department of Health to facilitate key stakeholder workshops as part of the National Targeted Consultations supporting the development of a National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions. 13 workshops were conducted around Australia visiting most national capitals and a number of regional centres.  Consultation reports were prepared for each workshop as well as an overarching Final Consultation Report providing feedback to the client on the key themes and areas of interest raised by stakeholders during the consultation.

Stakeholder participants included representatives of all levels of government, primary and local health networks, research and education institutions, peak bodies, consumer groups, health professionals, clinical experts and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations.

Key features

  • health sector
  • July -December 2015
  • 13 workshops
  • 9 locations across Australia
  • 330 stakeholder participants
  • 63% of participants completed a workshop evaluation. 95% rated the facilitation 4 out of 5 or better.

Services provided

  • design and development of workshop sessions
  • stakeholder facilitation
  • session note-takers
  • record of proceedings for each workshop
  • consultation evaluation
  • whole of project consultation report

Client feedback

The Department of Health engaged The Communication Link to run National Targeted Consultations to inform the development of the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions. The schedule was demanding holding 13 consultation sessions in nine locations across Australia over a period of nine weeks. 

The Communication Link’s team were professional, and highly motivated, displaying leadership and flexibility and offering solutions where required. Helen Leayr facilitated stimulating discussion and used a range of strategies to engage all participants. Participant feedback on the consultations was overwhelmingly positive and indicated participants were pleased they were invited, felt they were heard and that the sessions were a good use of their time.