September 16, 2012


Workshop screen

Our team deliver a well-planned and flexible program to bring together different groups and interests to a collective outcome. Our team takes on the goals of the client and develops a workshop or session program to achieve those goals through collaboration and collective agreement of stakeholders.

community consultation workshops

community, stakeholder and public meetings

leadership workshops and planning sessions

strategic planning sessions

Meetings managed by The Communication Link deliver the right outcome for the client – from the tone set by the venue and catering, through to guest speakers and facilitated sessions. Clear minutes and records of discussion will ensure that positive outcomes of the session are not lost, but rather provide a basis for further work.

Our clients include UMC workshop

  • ACT Chief Minister’s Department
  • ACT Planning and Land Authority
  • ACT Health Directorate
  • ActewAGL
  • Australian Government Attorney General’s Department
  • Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Communities@Work
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government)
  • Exhibition Park in Canberra
  • Icon Water
  • Oakton Consulting