December 13, 2012

Strategic communications

The Communication Link is able to take a strategic approach to your communication needs.  The Communication Link develops a strategy that complements the broader objectives of the organisation and takes into account related issues and opportunities.

As part of developing a strategic communication plan, The Communication Link evaluates all the communication needs for your company, organisation or group. The Communication Link looks at the big picture whilst not forgetting that the day-to-day running of an organisation is what gets things done.

The Communication Link can provide solutions for all your needs; including internal communications, external communications, training and team building, government planning approvals, multiple stakeholder interface, marketing and promotions, and media.

The Communication Link will ensure that your communication needs are met using a range of tools including:

  • Strategic communication plans
  • Risk assessment
  • Hazard and issue identification
  • Collateral
  • Social media
  • Web tools
  • Print media
  • Events

The Communication Link team have provided strategic communication services for a number of clients including:

  • AAT Alliance
  • ACTEW Water
  • ActewAGL
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • Economic Development Directorate (ACT Government)
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government)