Trent Pollard

Trent is a content producer with experience in content strategy, ideation, and production. Trent has delivered digital communication results for clients in the private and public sector, using both traditional and contemporary platforms of communication. Trent’s passion is in creating truly impactful content that is relevant and useful to target audiences.

Karen McSwan Silsby

Karen has extensive experience in a wide variety of private and public sector positions. She has run her own graphic design business for over 20 years and worked with clients in many industries, including engineering, pharmacy, education, fisheries, and social work. At Communication Link, Karen provides high quality graphic design across all client projects, including
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Michelle Lawler

Michelle is passionate about guiding people and organisations through business transformation from vision to action. In the last 25 years she has delivered management and consultancy expertise to government and blue chip organisations of varying sizes and levels of complexity. Michelle’s successes are marked by a pragmatic approach to planning and managing business fundamentals, innovative
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Keith Peel

Keith is a strategic change and corporate communication specialist with experience designing and executing internal communications campaigns at large, complex organisations.  He has post graduate expertise in psychology that he draws on to apply and embed evidence-based behavioural psychology principles to foster lasting change within organisations.

Vanessa Mann

Vanessa is a skilled and dedicated consultant with valuable experience in areas of communication management, transformational change, and training design and delivery. Vanessa has a strong commitment to delivering results, focusing on identifying and addressing business user needs as the primary driver for sustainable change. Vanessa’s dedication to supporting people allows her to distil and
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Sarah Dunning

Sarah has spent the last 20 years in leadership, designing and delivering large scale business change and transformation programs. She has a passion for driving innovative data driven strategies and market focused initiatives. Sarah recognises the importance of aligning with an organisations’ vision, strategic plan and growth model and has worked utilising methodologies such as
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Victoria Sylvester

Victoria is a highly experienced and talented communicator, writer, media manager and entrepreneur. Her strengths lie in communication and media strategy development and implementation.  She has particular skills in content writing, taking complex or minimal briefs and developing key messages, talking points, press material and social media content. Victoria creates content that is clear, concise
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Tanja Dullemond

Tanja is a flexible all-round communicator with skills in developing communications to meet strategic needs while engaging the target audience. She has a background in marketing, graphic design and web design and is also experienced in managing events, research, and document control. Her work drives engagement with stakeholders, enhances brand reputation and focuses on the
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Rebecca English

Rebecca is a communications professional with experience in delivering creative and strategic communication in government, international and not for profit sectors. Rebecca’s strengths lie in social media, events, video development, and media liaison activities. She is a proactive communicator and understands the needs of a target audience and builds a targeted, dynamic suite of communication
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Michelle Peck

Michelle enjoys the challenge of taking complex and technical information and making it accessible and interesting through succinct writing supported by diagrams and infographics. Her communications skills are complemented by an eye for design, document layout and presentation that supports the effectiveness of any communication artefact.