ACT Wellbeing Indicators

The Chief Minister has announced that a broad set of wellbeing indicators will be developed for the ACT. Measures of progress in jurisdictions, including Canberra, have typically focused on economic metrics such as growth in incomes and Gross State Product. Wellbeing indicators monitor progress across a broad range of areas of value to the community, going beyond the traditional economic lens of reporting.

There is no single definition of wellbeing – members of any community will have different perspectives of what affects their quality of life and the quality of life of others, and consequently what they consider the priorities should be for the framework. However, there are likely to be a range of attributes we value as a community and consider important enough to be of priority. Communication Link worked with the ACT Government to facilitate a series of roundtable events with a broad range of community representatives aimed at understanding collectively valued attributes that might be able to be captured in the wellbeing indicators.