December 9, 2020

Engaging and communicating through change

The COVID-19 pandemic has created global change and with it challenges in the way businesses and organisations engage and communicate with stakeholders, clients, and staff.  At Communication Link, we specialise in communication, engagement, and change management. People are at the core of everything we do.

This page will provide you with helpful tips on how to remain effective in engagement and communication during times of change.

“Can you still hear me?” – tips to facilitate effective interpersonal engagement

The catch cry of 2020 was ‘can you still hear me?’—a repeated phrase from the many online meetings, workshops, and events across our workplaces and in our communities.

Effective engagement is about ensuring people contribute regardless of the tool you use to bring your staff, stakeholders, or community together.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease in Australia, organisations large and small are grappling with how to stay productive and meaningful while their stakeholders, communities, and staff are working out what they want to do with these new ways of engaging and working.

There are lots of ways to engage and keep your interpersonal engagement activities productive and meaningful. As you transition to your new normal, you decide whether to remain with totally virtual meetings, return to face-to-face, or adopt a hybrid face-to-face and virtual approach.

We have put together a handy tip sheet to help. You can download it below.

Image shows person running an online workshop with multiple online attendees
Man speaks to large group of people  at an event

Need help or want support?

We can design and deliver effective engagement programs, or we can train your staff in simple techniques to improve facilitation and engagement delivery – ensuring an excellent experience for your staff, stakeholders, or participating community.

Engagement and communication in the time of COVID-19

To help us understand the communication and engagement challenges faced, and lessons learnt in 2020, we are running a short survey.

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