Hello! I am Nora, 20 years old and from Germany.

This past month, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Communication Link, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Helen, Ellen and Adam for making it such an amazing experience.

The internship exposed me to a completely new field, which was incredibly fascinating. I gained a lot of valuable insights into their work and how diverse the range of tasks and projects undertaken by the team are. I was lucky enough that Communication Link provided me with the chance to participate in those and to be part of various aspects of their work. From being introduced to my tasks to actively taking part in community engagement such as workshops, door knocking and stakeholder mapping, participating in community charity events and attending team meetings, I received constant support and guidance.

Photo's of Nora, our German exchange student

It was a particular honor to deliver the Acknowledgement of Country to our team meeting. In the process of tackling the meaning and purpose of an Acknowledgment of Country I had the possibility to dive deeper into the Aboriginal history and learn about First Nations culture.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed the work environment. It is a pleasant balance between professionalism and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This made it a pleasure to come to work every day and learn from such a supportive team. From the beginning, I felt warmly welcomed by the way everybody made a genuine effort to include me.

I am incredibly grateful for this experience, and I want to address everyone on the Communication Link team and say thank you very much for creating such a happy place and making my time so special.