Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate – ACT Government

Our work to support the development of the ACT's Wellbeing Framework extends over many years. We managed the extensive community and stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the Framework and associated indicators. We delivered a strategic communication and change management project to develop the Complementary Performance Reporting model to underpin the implementation of the Framework within ACT Public Service.

Work has been underway across the ACT Public Service since 2020 to implement an ACT Wellbeing Framework.

Communication Link delivered the important early engagement with community to define wellbeing and consider the best indicators to measure success. This consultation involved detailed discussions with over 150 community-based organisations as well as targeted interviews with under-represented cohorts.

Our change management team then worked with ACT Government directorates to develop a Complementary Performance Reporting model. This involved understanding challenges and barriers to implementing the Wellbeing Framework, and creating a narrative-based reporting model that enables directorates to report on their progress towards implementation, while complementing the existing performance reporting framework.

We delivered a directorate-informed Complementary Performance Reporting model that is flexible, scalable and responds to varying levels of maturity across government. It enables directorates to tell a story about their progress over time that acknowledges challenges, achievements and future planning.

The model incorporates strategic advice, guiding principles, structure and process, a self-assessment tool and reporting template. It is supported by a guide for Directorates to facilitate the change management process and help directorate staff adopt the reporting process.

ACT Wellbeing Framework
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate – ACT Government
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