City Renewal Authority

Communication Link partnered with the City Renewal Authority to enhance Canberra's annual Winter in the City campaign, promoting captivating events and fostering stronger connections with local businesses

During winter, the Canberra City Centre brings to life captivating winter events, delightful cuisine, and entertaining activities, all seamlessly integrated into the City Renewal Authority's Winter in the City campaign.

Communication Link was engaged by the City Renewal Authority to collaborate with local trader and vendors in the City Centre. We worked with local traders to identify and create special promotions and unique deals that could be extended to the vibrant Canberra community throughout the Authority’s Winter in the City campaign.

In working with the local businesses in the Winter in the City precinct we were able to enhance the economic outcomes for these businesses, while adding value to the Canberra families participating in the event.

As part of building lasting relationships with the local businesses for the City Renewal Authority, we also sought to capture insights into how the City Renewal Authority can further enhance future events and activities. By doing so, we contributed to strengthening the bonds between the Authority and the business owners who help make our city come alive.

Amplifying Canberra’s Winter in the City Campaign
City Renewal Authority
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ACT Government
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