NRM Regions Australia

NRM Regions Australia sought to increase communication with members and key stakeholder.

In response to the growth and increase in interaction with Government and industry, NRM Regions Australia sought to increase engagement with members and key stakeholder groups by enhancing and streamlining organisational communication.

Communication Link provided strategic advice through a rapid assessment of communication and engagement channels to identify areas for quick win improvement.

The redesign of communication and engagement delivery activities centralised around resourcing and the need for communication to be effective and simple to implement and manage for the small team.

We delivered a social media strategy aimed at increasing the profile of NRM organisations and staff. This focused on tailoring content to audience needs and applying a content matrix to better utilise content across communication channels and in support of engagement activities.

Two months into the implementation of the social media strategy and adoption of the content matrix, NRM Regions Australia had established a schedule for publication of content via their social media channels and were able to utilise a central repository of topics to deliver consistent yet tailored information to their varied stakeholder network.

Our work with them is ongoing.

NRM Regions Australia digital strategy
NRM Regions Australia
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