Australian Government Department of Education

We supported the Australian Government, Department of Education to deliver communication, engagement, and change management activities as part of a national reform to extend the unique student identifier from tertiary education to kindergarten.

The Department of Education committed to extending the Schools unique student identifier as part of reforms agreed to by Federal, State and Territory Ministers to give every Australia school student the opportunity to reach their potential.

Communication Link provided communication and change management consultants to support this complex project. Our work involved navigating numerous stakeholders across government and non-government education providers, state and territory government agencies and Commonwealth ministerial requirements.

Our work also included the design and delivery of a suite of high-quality communication products, including key messages, factsheets, presentations and a ministerial video.

Understanding the stakeholders and appreciating the barriers to implementing the unique student identifier were important aspects to ensuring our change and communication methodologies were effective in supporting this transformational project.

Schools Unique Student Identifier
Australian Government Department of Education
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Australian Government
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