Office for Women, Community Services Directorate, ACT Government

Communication Link provides facilitation and event support to delivery of the ACT Public Service Women's Mentoring Program.

The Office for Women recognises that a flexible mentoring program delivered through people-centred practices to support individuals in the ACT public service creates a two-way enhanced learning opportunity.

The Women's Mentoring Program offers mentors and mentees the opportunity to learn from each other, contributing to a culture that values shared knowledge, collaboration and building confidence in women.

The Office for Women recognises the importance of lifelong learning, and the valuable knowledge gained by participants would foster a healthy work culture in the workplace.

Mentoring pairs are selected carefully from participants' initial registration of interest and in-depth matching is conducted based on participants' learning and teaching expectations expressed in their applications.

At the official program launch, mentoring pairs meet and begin their mentoring journey through an agreement of regular meetings, shared learning sessions and goal setting.

Communication Link has supported the delivery of this program over a number of years. Our role connects these participants with regular updates and reminders to support the program schedule and deliver a successful mentoring program. We facilitate the launch and mid-program sessions, maintain program communication and and collect and collate feedback data to inform continuous improvement of the program.

Women’s Mentoring Program
Office for Women, Community Services Directorate, ACT Government
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