October 9, 2012

Change management

Very few people like change, that’s a fact. Well managed change can deliver sustainable changes that engage people and contribute to the realisation of project benefits.  

Managing change can have important outcomes for the environment, our community, an organisation, work place teams, and individuals.

Our team can assist in the design and the delivery of people change management strategies, which work to overcome barriers of change and deliver results.

The Communication Link team holds a wealth of knowledge across the change management practice. We have a broad range of experience and qualifications across psychology, management consulting, organisational change and training. We use a wide range of methodologies from our tool kit, including PROSCI and People Centred Implementation.

Communication Link can assist with:

  • Change leadership
  • Change management plans
  • Impact analysis
  • People centred risk analysis and mitigation
  • Increasing speed and depth of adoption of benefits
  • Plan implementation
  • Integration of change with project management
  • Strategic change communications
  • Managing in time of uncertainty