Course overview

"Great session. Thought provoking and really engaged participants with great insights" - Participant, Generative AI course

Are you looking for ways to update your communication strategies and engage more effectively, but feel overwhelmed by the complexities and ethical implications of integrating generative AI?

This course is designed to introduce communication and engagement professionals to the fundamentals of Generative AI, offering practical tools and insights to integrate AI into your strategies responsibly and creatively.

Who is this best for?

Ideal for communication and stakeholder engagement professionals keen to explore and apply Generative AI in their work. No previous AI or GPT knowledge required.

Course type and structure

  • In-person/Online (Hybrid not offered)
  • Half-day session
  • Booking required
  • ‘Toolkit’ with key takeaways provided post-session


  • No prerequisites for AI knowledge.
  • Access to and a web browser recommended but not essential.

Key topics

The glossary - Unravel the complexities of AI, understanding its types and key terminologies.

The manual - Strategies for leveraging generative AI in crafting targeted communication and engaging content.

The rule book - Navigate the ethical landscape of AI use, focusing on bias mitigation and data privacy.

The blank notebook - Hands-on exploration of AI's potential to revolutionize communication and engagement practices.

Interactive activities

  • Interactive introductions to generative AI applications.
  • Hands-on exercises with AI tools for real-time content creation.
  • Group discussions on ethical AI use and innovative applications.
  • Collaborative projects to integrate AI into communication strategies.


  • Summary of key learnings and strategic AI applications.
  • Group reflection on integrating AI into professional practices.
  • Participant feedback and course evaluation.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Generative Artificial Intelligence in a communications and engagement context.
  • Prepare for the impact of Generative AI on Communications and Engagement profession
  • Privacy and data security for you, your clients when using Generative AI
  • Identify opportunities for adding value to communications and engagement activities
  • Generate outputs to save time, improve production quality and allow higher order thinking and engagement interactions.


This course is crafted to:

  • Demystify Generative AI for communication professionals.
  • Initiate a sector-wide conversation on ethical and practical AI applications.
  • Equip professionals with the knowledge to thoughtfully integrate AI into their work, fostering innovation and ethical practice.

By the end of this session, you'll be prepared to apply Generative AI tools thoughtfully and creatively in your communication and engagement efforts, paving the way for future-focused strategies.


$365.00 per participant (ask us about our discounts for multiple course or group bookings)

Date and duration

Half day courses for 2024:

  • Thu 12 September - 1.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Wed 18 September - 9:30am - 1:30pm

Course registration

Trainer profile

Image of Jax NiCarthaig with green background

Jax is a dedicated professional in the dynamic field of generative artificial intelligence and communication and engagement. Jax has a rich background spanning over three decades across finance, digital and communications education, not-for-profits, and emergency management, and now exploring a human perspective on Generative AI's role in diverse sectors.

At Communication Link and Link Learning, Jax plays a key role in understanding and implementing Generative AI, where she combines strategic thinking with practical application through the lens of safety and curiosity-led practice.

Her approach is personable and empathetic. As a communicator focused on relationships, Jax values the human aspect of our work amidst the rush and hype of the new digital revolution. She designs training programs not just to impart skills but to kindle curiosity, advocate for safe digital exploration, and underscore our human strengths in an increasingly tech-driven world.

She advocates for integrating AI into our professional and personal lives in ways that honour and elevate our human qualities, to ensure that we are in prime position to influence a digital future which remains grounded in our intrinsic human nature.